EZZY Game Academy

Affilate program

The Partnership Program of M2E / P2E EZZY Game application allows you to get Sneakers for inviting your friends. Than you can turn the Sneakers into GEZY tokens.
At EZZY Game, we have developed and integrated an affiliate program that allows you to receive Sneakers without using GEZY tokens - as a gift. How to use it? Here's the story. Each player has an invitation code (promo code) and an invitation link.
You can see the code in a special section in the application, as well as on the site in a personal cabinet. And the link is only available in your personal account on the site.
This is where your promo code in the EZZY Game app is located.
And here is your promo code and your invitation link on the site in your personal account.
What do you do with them? When you invite friends or acquaintances to get EZZY Game Sneakers and start training or playing with you, give them your promo code or your invitation link. Once they follow the link, they can sign up and become your partner right away. And you have to give them a promo code during registration.
This is where you indicate a promo code when a new user signs up for the app. Be sure to tell your friend or acquaintance to enter your promo code during registration, because if you skip this step, you won't be able to do it later.
Further, when your partner will receive gaming Sneakers (not a trial, but gaming for GEZY tokens), you will be awarded points. 1 Sneaker - 1 point. Points are awarded of the same quality as the game Sneakers were received. For example, if your partner received one rare Sneaker, you will receive 1 point of rare Sneakers.
When you accumulate 20 invitation points for certain Sneakers, you can get them as a gift in the affiliate program. A button will appear in your personal account on the site.
Click on it and the Sneakers go into your Bag right away. You can check them in the app or on the website.
Or you can do everything in the app in a "Promo Code" tab.
That's it. These Sneakers can be used just like the others - to walk or play and get a reward.
Characteristics of Sneakers received for inviting friends:
Tokens per day - 175
Durability - 10
Tokens per day - 350
Durability - 10
Tokens per day - 700
Durability - 10
Tokens per Day - 1 400
Durability - 10
Tokens per day - 2 100
Durability - 10
Tokens per day - 2 800
Durability - 10
Tokens per Day - 3 500
Durability - 10