EZZY Game Academy

App Overview

Brief overview of Move-To-Earn EZZY Game app will give you all the information you need to know about the game, and you'll be able to quickly get rewards in GEZY tokens.
EZZY Game is an app for getting GEZY tokens by walking/running in the open air or by playing the game. Users can exchange these tokens for BNB, USDT. Let's briefly talk about the key functionality of the app.
This is the home page of the app.
On the home page, you can review your Sneakers by swiping right and left or using the arrows. Tapping on the Sneakers will open detailed information about them.
At the bottom, you will find tabs with available app pages.
This is the Sneakers Factory where you can get Trial Sneakers (if you haven't got Sneakers before) or in-game Sneakers.
In the screenshot, you can see the Factory and game Sneakers. Select Sneakers you like and you will get them if you have enough GEZY in your in-game wallet. If you don’t, you can deposit GEZY tokens to your wallet, or you can deposit USDT and swap them to GEZY directly in the wallet. Please remember that you should always have a certain number of BNB in your wallet to use them to pay for transaction fees. Don't forget to send BNB to your wallet as well.
And by going to the tab with trial Sneakers, you can see the ones available to you. If you have not received gaming Sneakers before, you can take the trial ones for a test. The net reward from them is high, but it will be immediately frozen. And to unfreeze it, you will need to top up the wallet and get gaming Sneakers for the amount of GEZY, for which you took the trial.
You can view your Sneakers in this tab.
This is what your Bag section looks like if you have Sneakers. In the Inactive section you can see Sneakers which became inactive after their Durability indicator turned zero. In the Trial section, you can see your Trial Sneakers.
In the Promo Code section you can find the Partnership Program section. Go to this section to review its terms and see your results.
Here, you can copy your promo code and send it to your friends and acquaintances you invited to EZZY Game. They should enter this code in the relevant box on the registration page. If they get Trial Sneakers, you will receive invitation points. When you have 20 invitation points, you will be able to receive one pair of Sneakers as a gift.
You can also go to Settings and configure your account settings.
In the Settings section, you can change language settings, set a new password, change your avatar, name, view your training sessions, enable/disable the sound of GEZY receiving, view a page describing the game rules, contact support, delete your account or log out of it.
Your avatar is located in the upper left corner — by clicking on it, you can go to your personal account to view statistics.
The statistics section displays various interesting information, including the total distance walked and the number of GEZY received.
Your wallet is located in the upper right corner. Go there to view the transaction history and all swap/deposit/withdrawal operations performed.
In the wallet, you can swap GEZY to BNB or USDT, withdraw tokens or deposit your in-game balance. You can also view the transaction history and copy your address to deposit your wallet.
There are two scales located just below the avatar:
  • One of them displays the number of tokens received today / the total number of tokens available per day (0/1).
  • The other scale displays the amount of consumed / available Energy for today (1/1).
You can also see how much time is left until your Energy is renewed.
This is the training page that opens after you click the Start button on the home screen in the Training section. Here you can track your activity and efficiency. To get the maximum number of GEZY tokens for walking or running, move at a speed of 2 to 20 km/h and monitor the GPS signal stability.
Two scales on top allow you to track how many tokens you have received and how many more you can get, as well as how much Energy is available to you and how much you have already spent.
Use the button at the bottom in the middle to stop the training. You can stop it if you are tired of walking/running. You can spend the unused energy by playing the game or transfer it to another day.
Somewhat to the left, there is a Map button. Tapping on it opens a map with your location. You can use it to track your route.
At the bottom right corner, an icon is displayed showing the Sneakers of the current training. The scale around the Sneakers avatar displays Energy — how much has already been spent and how much is still left.
Once the training is over, you will see your results and the number of GEZY you received. You can share your achievements with friends on social media by tapping the Share button.
This is the game that allows you to receive GEZY tokens without leaving home. You need to catch the coins falling from above by moving your Sneakers using the arrows. You need to catch at least 25 coins per minute.
That's the Arena. Here you can battle with other players with your Sneakers and win GEZY tokens.
This is it! The EZZY app is simple, convenient and intuitive. Enjoy playing and getting GEZY tokens.