EZZY Game Academy
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To participate in the Arena you need to have active Sneakers of rarity not lower than Beginner (i.e. Beginner and higher). Deposit USDT into your wallet, exchange them for in-game tokens GEZY and get the Sneakers for them. Then you can go to battle with other players.
  • The Arena is a Sneaker battle between two players on the GEZY token, where each player can win with a certain chance.
  • Each player makes an equal contribution to participate in the Arena.
  • The winner takes 90% of the total contribution, the loser gets nothing. 5% goes to the developers, 5% is burned.
Each player who has at least 1 Beginner Sneakers can either create their own Arena with their own settings and contribution, or join an Arena created by another player. Let's take a look at both options. Let's start with the second one, as it is simpler and faster.
To join an existing Arena, navigate to the appropriate section from the main screen of the app.
Here you will see a list of Arenas created by other players. Choose one of the ones you want. Pay attention to the following:
Enemy Sneaker Rarity. The higher its rarity and the lower yours is, the lower your probability of winning. Win probability ratio:
- Beginner/Common - 47/53%
- Beginner/Uncommon - 43/57%
- Beginner/Rare - 40/60%
- Beginner/Epic - 37/63%
- Beginner/Legendary - 35/65%
- Common/Uncommon - 47/53%
- Common/Rare - 43/57%
- Common/Epic - 40/60%
- Common/Legendary - 37/63%
- Uncommon/Rare - 47/53%
- Uncommon/Epic - 43/57%
- Uncommon/Legendary - 40/60%
- Rare/Epic - 47/53%
- Rare/Legendary - 43/57%
- Epic/Legendary - 45/55%
For example, if your opponent has Legendary Sneakers and you have Beginner Sneakers, your probability of winning is 35%. And vice versa, if you have Legendary and your opponent has Beginner, your probability of winning is 65%. With the same rarity of Sneakers, the chances of winning are 50/50.
Contribution Amount. This amount will be deducted from your balance. Make sure you have enough tokens to participate in the Arena.
The rarity of Sneakers being allowed by the opponent to participate in the Arena. When creating an Arena, you can select certain rarities of Sneakers that the player is willing to fight with. This allows you to practice different strategies. For example, choosing a low rarity to increase the chances of winning. But it can also be harder to find a fight, as opponents may not be willing to fight with a lower chance of winning.
For example, we will fight an opponent with Common Sneakers and a contribution of 50 GEZY. Select it from the list of available Arenas, then click "Engage!".
A couple seconds later, the winner will be determined. This time we were lucky.
To create an Arena, go to the "My Arenas" tab and click the "Create Arena" button.
Next, specify:
  • Arena Name
  • Your Sneakers for battle
  • Your opponents' Sneakers - the probability of your victory for each rarity of Sneakers will be listed on the left-hand side
  • Amount for the battle
And click "Create Arena".
The arena will be created, you can look at the application under "My arenas".
Now, when you are selected for a fight, the created submission in this section will disappear and you will be able to see the results in the "History" tab. This time we were lucky.
In the "History" tab you can track the results of all your fights. You can compete in the Arena an unlimited number of times.
You can cancel a created Arena entry if you have changed your mind about fighting. To do this, click on the appropriate button in the "My Arenas" section.