EZZY Game Academy

Background mode Android

Set up the background mode on smartphones with Android OS so that you can use the EZZY Game app comfortably . This will make it easier and convenient to get GameFi GEZY tokens.
If you use Android OS, you might have noticed that the background mode in EZZY Game stops working two minutes after the training is launched. It happens because Android has a feature that disables services to run in background. We have prepared instructions on how to resolve this problem:
We should note that this problem can be solved in two ways. We will tell you about both а them.
The first option (simple)
Tap and hold the EZZY icon on the home screen. Then tap App info.
Next, select Battery saver.
Tap No restrictions.
The second option (a bit more difficult)
Open Settings and select Apps.
Select All Apps.
Find the EZZY app and tap it.
Select Battery saver.
Select No restircions.
In addition to the actions described above, we also recommend that you do the following:
Go to the "App Permissions" section.
Make sure there is a "Location" section in the "Allowed" group. Go to this section and turn on the "Allow in any mode" setting.
Then in the "Allowed" group, make sure that there is a "Physical Activity" section. If "Physical Activity" is in the "Access Denied" section, go to it and select "Allow".
Done! From now on your app will keep running the the background mode and you will be able to receive your rewards when your phone is locked.