EZZY Game Academy

Deposit in app

Use the EZZY Game app to deposit crypto into your wallet. A single minute is all that's needed to deposit to GameFi and start playing.
To get game Sneakers, you need to have GEZY tokens. You can get GEZY in exchange for USDT or BNB. Don't forget to deposit 0.03 BNB to your wallet to pay fees for BNB Smart Chain transactions and in-game operations. For more information on how to swap directly in the EZZY Game app, refer to:
These instructions will walk you through the process of depositing USDT, BNB or GEZY directly to your in-game wallet through the app. Actually, it's rather easy to do.
Go to your wallet. Tap the balance.
In the wallet you can find your in-game address. Tap the button (see the image above) to copy your address.
Send USDT, BNB or GEZY to this address through the BNB Smart Chain. Make sure that you are using the BNB Smart Chain — BEP20 token standard. Using another network for depositing GEZY, USDT or BNB may lead to asset loss.
Be sure to send a certain number of BNB to the same address to pay commissions for transactions on the BNB Smart Chain network. You will need to pay a commission in BNB in the following cases:
  • to get Sneakers;
  • to swap USDT to GEZY or GEZY to USDT;
  • to withdraw USDT, BNB to a personal wallet or an exchange.
Remember if you deposit USDT to your wallet, you can exchange them for GEZY directly in the EZZY Game application:
For more information on how to withdraw USDT, BNB from your wallet, refer to: