EZZY Game Academy

Deposit on site

Users of Play-To-Earn EZZY Game can always deposit tokens into their crypto wallet directly on the website. Step-by-step instructions with images.
If you prefer to use a computer to carry out transactions with your cryptocurrencies and tokens, you should use the EZZY Game website https://ezzy.game /. In your personal account you can swap USDT for GEZY and get game Sneakers.
Please note all transactions with GEZY, USDT and BNB in your personal account or in the application are carried out on the BNB Smart Chain network, so you always need to have a certain number of BNB to pay commissions. We recommend you to deposit at least 0.03 BNB to your account.
In these instructions we will tell you how to deposit GEZY, USDT or BNB to your wallet through the website.
To get started, log in to the website. Click Log in on the home page.
Enter the email address you used to create your account and the password. If you don't have an account, you can create it on the website.
Click Send on the next page. A confirmation code will be sent to your email. Enter the code and log in.
You will get to your personal account where you can run various transactions: deposit, withdraw, swap, get Sneakers. We will tell you how to deposit assets to your account. In your personal account you need to get to your wallet to copy the in-game address. Copy the address. Now, you can transfer GEZY, USDT and BNB to this address.
Make sure that you send tokens and BNB on the BNB Smart Chain network — these are BEP-20 standard tokens. Using another blockchain may lead to asset loss.
Don't forget to send some BNB to your in-game wallet (we recommend sending at least 0.03 BNB) to pay commissions for transactions on the BNB Smart Chain network.
If you deposit USDT tokens to your wallet, you can immediately exchange them for GEZY in your personal account, get game Sneakers and start walking / playing and receiving rewards.
For more information on how to swap on the website, refer to:
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