EZZY Game Academy

Durability and Energy

Grasp all the key information on Energy and Durability in the EZZY Game app. These are Play-To-Earn GameFi mechanics allowing users to get tokens.
To make EZZY Game tokenomics sustainable, each pair of Sneakers has the Durability parameter.
Durability is a parameter that shows how many days you can walk in a specific pair of Sneakers and get GEZY tokens. If Durability drops to 0, Sneakers become inactive and you can no longer train or play in them. All the unused Energy is burned. If your Sneakers Durability is 1/10 today (i.e. 1 out of 10 left), they will become inactive tomorrow at 00:00 am UTC. So, you need to spend all the unused Energy today; otherwise, you will lose part of the reward.
1 Energy point equals 10 minutes of active walking or playing when you receive tokens. You get 1 Energy point per day for each active pair of Sneakers. If you don’t train or play for any reason on a particular day, Energy is carried over to the next day. You can accumulate as many as 10 Energy points for one pair of Sneakers. After that, accumulation stops and Energy is burned.
At precisely 00:00 am UTC+0, 1 Durability point is subtracted and 1 Energy unit is added instead. It happens to all Sneakers of all users.
Example 1.
You get Sneakers with 10 Durability points and immediately receive 1 Energy point. Assume you don’t want to walk or play today. In this case, your Sneakers will have 2 Energy points tomorrow. If you don’t spend them tomorrow, you’ll have 3 points the day after tomorrow. And so on, and so forth until you have 10 Energy points for a single pair of Sneakers.
Example 2.
You have unused Energy and 1 Durability point left on your Sneakers. It means that the Sneakers will become inactive tomorrow, You need to spend all Energy today; otherwise, it will be burned tomorrow.
Example 3.
On December 10, at 11:30 pm UTC+0, the user gets Common Sneakers. They have 3 days of Durability. On December 13, at 00:00 am, they will become inactive. It means that on December 12, after 11:59 pm, you will no longer be able to train or play, and all the unused Energy is burned.
Example 4.
On December 11, a user gets Legendary Sneakers. They have 20 days of Durability. The user trains for 3 days, then leaves for the mountains for 9 days and does not use the app. By the time the user comes back, Energy will have accumulated for 9 days plus 1 more point for the new day, 10 Energy points in total. The user will now have to spend at least 1 Energy point since Energy is carried over to the next day but the maximum Energy for 1 pair of Sneakers is 10 points. If the user has Energy points left at 00:00 am UTC+0 on December 31, all this Energy will be burned as the Sneakers become inactive and unavailable for training.
Spend your Energy on time and you’ll be fine!