EZZY Game Academy

Binance Registration[MOB]

How to register on Binance, the world's largest exchange, with your smartphone. Detailed instructions for users of cryptocurrency from P2E / M2E EZZY Game.
Install Binance on your smartphone:
Google Play —
Open the mobile app. Tap Sign Up at the top-left. You can sign up with phone or email щr register by using you Google account or Apple ID. Let's take registration by phone number as an example. To do this, select the first option.
Enter your phone number in the relevant box, create a strong password and read and agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then click Create Personal Account. You can also specify a referral code, if you have one. If not, skip this step.
Binance will ask you to confirm your phone number. Enter the verification code sent to you via SMS to complete registration. Click Submit.
The procedure of signing up with email is the same. You will need to enter email and the verification code sent to your email to complete registration.
Done! You've completed registration. Next, you need to verify your identity.