EZZY Game Academy

Depositing Crypto Binance[PC]

Deposit your crypto into the wallet on Binance from your PC. You can then use it to get P2E Sneakers in EZZY Game.
To get GEZY tokens for further Sneakers, you first need to buy USDT (to exchange into GEZY) and BNB (to pay commissions in the BNB Smart Chain network).
USDT and BNB can be obtained in exchange for other tokens or digital currencies, such as, BTC. Or you can buy them for fiat currency on the Binance exchange (for example, ruble, hryvnia, euro, etc.) First you need to deposit funds to your Binance account.
For more information, please refer to:
On the home page move your mouse to Wallet, and click on Fiat and Spot.
On the wallet page, choose the asset you’d like to deposit and click Deposit. By entering a coin ticker in the search bar you can easily find the coin you need.
Select a network via which your assets will be sent. Bitcoin can work both as a native coin of the Bitcoin network and a tokenized version on another blockchain. Let's take the Bitcoin blockchain as an example and deposit BTC as its native coin.
After you select the network, you will see your address where you need to send cryptocurrency or tokens. Send the coins to this address via the network you have chosen.
If you send other cryptocurrencies or tokens to this address, you might lose your deposit.
After the transaction receives 2 confirmations in the Bitcoin network (average confirmation time for a transaction with average fees is 20-30 minutes), the money will be transferred to your account.
You can exchange the received coins for USDT which you will then withdraw and exchange for GEZY. Other cryptocurrencies or tokens (powered by a more high-tech blockchain) may take less time to be deposited.