EZZY Game Academy

How to deposit fiat to your wallet on Binance on mobile

If you need help with topping up your Binance wallet with fiat from your phone, these instructions are for you. EZZY Game provides users with all the necessary info.
To get EZY tokens for further Sneakers, you first need to buy USDT (to exchange into EZY) and BNB (to pay commissions in the BNB Smart Chain network).
Tap Wallets on the home page.
Tap Deposit.
Navigate to the Cash tab. Select the fiat currency you want to deposit.
Choose a payment method (in our case, we will use VISA or MasterCard).
Specify the amount and select the card to make the payment. If you haven't added any cards yet, add the card you want. Specify the card details (card number, expiration date, and CVV).
After you enter the amount and select the card, enter the security code (on the back side of your credit card).
After that, the money will be transferred from your card to the Binance balance. You can use it to buy USDT tokens, which you will then withdraw and exchange for EZY.