EZZY Game Academy

P2P Binance[PC]

Exchange your funds for cryptocurrency on the Binance P2P platform. This is incredibly simple for PC users who play EZZY game.
To get Sneakers, you need to use GEZY tokens, and you can get them in exchange for USDT. USDT can be bought on Binance P2P - a platform for peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading among exchange users (directly, without intermediaries).
Let's find out how Binance P2P works and how to use it to buy USDT.
For more information, please refer to:
Hover your mouse over Buy Crypto and select P2P Trading.
On the P2P trading page, select:
  • Transaction type — Buy or Sell (1);
  • The currency you want to buy (2);
  • The currency you will use to pay (3);
  • Payment method (4).
You will see the list of available offers below. Select a counterparty and click Buy USDT (5).
After you click Buy USDT, a detailed description of the transaction will appear. Read the terms of the transaction carefully before you complete it. Then enter the amount you want to pay and click Buy USDT.
You will be taken to the payment page. You will find the transaction details (in our case, the bank card number), which you should use to send money. Copy them and transfer the exact amount specified in the form. Then click Transferred, notify seller.
Click Confirm.
After the transaction is confirmed by the seller, the tokens will appear in your funding wallet. If the seller hasn't confirmed receipt of funds (which is extremely improbable yet may happen), you can request for arbitration. After you provide proof of the money transfer to a Binance worker, they will transfer the cryptocurrency to your account.
In order to withdraw these funds (for example, to exchange them for GEZY) or to trade them (for example, to buy BNB), transfer them to a spot wallet. To do this, click Transfer.
Specify the transfer path and the amount you want to transfer. Click Confirm.
All your USDTs are now on a regular Binance wallet. You can now withdraw them, exchange USDT for GEZY, or use them to buy BNB.