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Verify Binance[PC]

Verification on Binance exchange is simple! The instructions from GameFi EZZY Game will guide you through this.
You can get GEZY in exchange for USDT stablecoins which you can buy and exchange on Binance. Let's find out how to create an account on Binance and complete verification.
To receive uninterrupted access to Binance services, you need to verify your identity after registration. To do this, you need to specify personal information, provide documents and take a selfie.
Immediately after registration, you will be forwarded to the page where you can complete identity verification for your account.
Then enter your personal information including your name, nationality and date of birth.
Next, you'll see various ID options. Select the one you prefer to upload. Depending on the selected country, the list of ID options may differ.
Then you need to take pictures of your document. To do this, click Take photo and point your camera at the document. Make sure that the photo of your document is clear. Otherwise, the Binance automatic system will not accept blurry and reflective photos and you will have to complete verification again.
If your computer does not have a camera, you can click My device doesn't have a camera. Binance will prompt you to download Binance app to your phone so that you can take pictures.
After you take a photo of your document, click Continue. Then you will be prompted to complete face verification.
Click Take a Selfie. Then move your face closer to the camera and take a selfie.
Click Continue.
You've completed your verification. Now you have access to all Binance services — and can deposit your wallet. Congratulations!