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Withdraw from Binance[PC]

How to withdraw USDT and BNB from Binance to your wallet. Find out how to do it from your computer and get started with EZZY GameFi.
To get Sneakers in the EZZY Game app, you first need to top up your in-game wallet with USDT tokens and exchange them for GEZY. You can buy USDT and BNB on the Binance P2P exchange or the exchange. Here are the relevant instructions.
If you are not yet registered on this platform, you can also do it with the help of our instructions:
In this tutorial we will look at how to withdraw USDT and BNB from Binance to your in-game wallet in EZZY Game.
Go to Wallet on the home page. Select Fiat and Spot.
Choose the cryptocurrency or token you want to transfer and click Withdraw.
Next, specify the address to which the cryptocurrency or token will be withdrawn. You need to see it in your wallet in the EZZY Game app.
Click the button to copy the address to the clipboard.
After you paste your withdrawal address, select the network the system will use to send USDT and BNB. Make sure that you use the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) network.
Enter the withdrawal amount and click Withdraw to proceed.
You will be prompted to check the transaction data (withdrawal amount, address and network). Make sure the information is correct and click Continue.
Next, you will need to verify the transaction. To do this, click Get Code next to the option you like. A code will be sent to your phone and/or email. Paste the verification codes you receive. You also need to enter the code from the Google Authenticator app, if you have it installed.
Then click Submit.
That's it, then your cryptocurrencies or tokens will be sent to your in-game wallet. After the withdrawal transaction is processed, they will appear in your wallet. You can then exchange USDT for GEZY right inside the EZZY Game app to then use them to get your Sneakers and start training or playing for rewards.