EZZY Game Academy

EZZY Game Limits

Find out about the limits of token deposit / withdrawal / swaps in Move-To-Earn EZZY Game. The tutorial will help you to swap tokens and start using GEZY token.
To ensure tokenomics sustainability, EZZY Game uses limits. In brief:
  • No deposit limits;
  • No USDT withdrawal limits;
  • No BNB withdrawal limits;
  • GEZY withdrawal limit — 3,000 per day;
  • GEZY to USDT/BNB swap limit — 3,000 GEZY per day;
  • Overall GEZY withdrawal limit + GEZY to USDT/BNB swap limit — 3,000 GEZY per day;
  • No limits for any other swaps.
Let’s discuss this in detail now. You can deposit any amount of USDT, BNB or GEZY tokens to your in-game wallet. You can also withdraw any amount of USDT or BNB tokens, but not GEZY tokens. You can only withdraw or swap to USDT/BNB a maximum of 3,000 GEZY tokens per day. This is the overall limit — if you withdraw 3,000 GEZY, you will not be able to to the swap today. If you withdraw, for example, 2,000 GEZY, you will be able to swap 1,000 GEZY to USDT/BNB.
Just in case, don’t forget that swaps and withdrawals are transactions in the BNB Smart Chain network. So you need to pay a commission in BNB. This is why you need to have some BNB on your wallet (our recommendation is 0.03 BNB or more to be sure you have enough) to pay the commissions.
In other words, you can only withdraw a maximum of 3,000 GEZY per day from the game in any form — via both direct withdrawal and swap to USDT and BNB. In this case, swap is treated as withdrawal because GEZY are swapped to USDT or BNB via the liquidity pool — meaning liquidity is withdrawn.
At the same time, the cap can be increased all the way up to 27,500 GEZY with staking. More information about it - https://help.ezzy.game/staking.
These restrictions are designed to ensure sustainability of EZZY Game’s tokenomics and reduce the likelihood of panic-induced token dumping, as well as level out the possibility of hacking the project and withdrawing all liquidity from the pool.
If you have USDT or BNB on your wallet, you can withdraw these tokens in any amount. In this case, you have either transferred them from another wallet/exchange or previously swapped GEZY to USDT while respecting all the limits. Thus, there are no limits for USDT/BNB withdrawal. Such withdrawal will have no negative impact on the sustainability of EZZY Game tokenomics.
If you try to withdraw more than 3,000 GEZY per day, you will see a relevant notification.
The same is true for swaps. As noted above, if you first withdraw, for example, 2,000 GEZY and then try to swap another 2,000 GEZY, you will not be able to run the swap. If you withdraw 2,000 GEZY, you only have 1,000 GEZY available for swapping, not more. The opposite is equally true: if you first swap 2,000 GEZY to USDT or BNB, you will be able to later withdraw or swap a maximum of 1,000 GEZY.
GEZY withdrawal and swap limit is updated once a day at 00:00 am UTC.
EZY limits
In case of EZY, the withdrawal/exchange limit is 50,000 EZY.
  • Withdrawal/exchange limits can be increased up to 1,000,000 EZY with staking. More information about this is available at https://help.ezzy.game/staking.
  • EZY and GEZY limits are not related. This means that you can withdraw/exchange up to 27,500 GEZY and up to 1,000,000 EZY on the same day.