EZZY Game Academy


EzzyBrezzy - a unique pass in the form of NFT.
EzzyBrezzy is a unique collection on the Ethereum network, launched in collaboration with NFT artists. The collection consists of original anime characters with hundreds of different attributes that make each NFT unique. EzzyBrezzy owners get special benefits in the EZZY Game:
  • Private chat access - in the chat room you can communicate with other NFT EzzyBrezzy owners and get unique information from EZZY Game developers.
  • Special gaming Sneakers - in the future, there will be an option to get one-time Sneakers as a gift.
  • Participation in a raffle - there will be a raffle of Sneakers among NFT EzzyBrezzy owners.
  • Access to periodic closed collections with increased stats.
  • Increased Daily Power of Sneakers for a limited time.
EzzyBrezzy contract address: 0x31023313A0065991E41E1eD81CF93Bb4e0544133. Verified contract ERC721. Total of 1,000 NFT.
EzzyBrezzy NFT Mint is closed. You can get tokens only on the secondary market. The platforms where the NFT-collection of EzzyBrezzy is presented: