EZZY Game Academy

Game: coins

Use the Play-To-Earn mechanics of the EZZY Game app to get GEZY tokens from the comfort of your couch! Spend 10 minutes playing this game and be rewarded.
If you don't want to go outside for some reason and get GEZY tokens for walking or running, there is an alternative especially for you – playing a game. You can use it to get the same reward as for training, without being physically active. We've added this functionality in case the weather is bad outside or you feel unwell but need to get the tokens.
Select Sneakers you want to use in the game and tap Game on the app's home page.
When the game starts, move the Sneakers left and right using the buttons on the screen. Catch falling coins.
You need to collect at least 25 coins per minute to get rewarded. During the game, 0.1 Energy is written off (as it is during training). If you are inactive for 30 seconds, the game is automatically paused. The maximum possible reward in this game is equal to your daily GEZY reward limit.
You can also pause the game by tapping on the appropriate button on the screen. Then you can continue the game.
When you run out of Energy, the game will be over. Then you can choose other Sneakers and get the daily reward limit for these Sneakers. In such a way, you can play until you work off all the Energy.
When the game is over, you can share your results with your friends (optional). 🙂
Other useful instructions:
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