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How to add EZY to your wallet, withdraw and exchange it

To add EZY to your wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet or any other wallet with BNB Smart Chain support), you only need to know the smart contract address of the token - 0xb452bc9cead0b08c4ef99da0feb8e10ef6bb86bb. Let's consider the procedure using MetaMask as an example, but in Trust Wallet and many other wallets it will be identical.
Switch to BNB Smart Chain and select the "Import tokens" function.
Then go to the "Custom token" menu and specify the smart contract address of the EZY token - 0xb452bc9cead0b08c4ef99da0feb8e10ef6bb86bb. All other data will be substituted automatically. Click "Import." The EZY token will be displayed in the wallet.
EZY output
To withdraw EZY from EZZY Game to your wallet, copy the address.
Send tokens to this address from the EZZY Game application or from the site in Personal Account. To do this, select "Withdraw". Then specify the address for withdrawal and the amount.
You can exchange EZY to USDT or USDT to EZY on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap. To do this, follow the link - https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?inputCurrency=0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955&outputCurrency=0xb452bC9CEAd0b08c4ef99dA0fEb8E10eF6bB86bB
The USDT/EZY pair will open immediately. If you need to exchange EZY for USDT, just swap the tokens.
To exchange, you need to connect your wallet. Using your computer, click on the corresponding button in the upper right corner, select a wallet and connect it.
And then perform the exchange. Select the exchange method and confirm the transaction.
Using a smartphone, you also need to click on the wallet connection button.
After selecting a wallet, you will be redirected to its built-in browser and the PancakeSwap homepage will open.
Click "Trade".
Specify the exchange path. To do this, click on the assets to be exchanged and specify the desired ones.
EZY will not be available to you right away. To add it, click "Manage tokens".
Then go to the "Tokens" section and specify the EZY smart contract address - 0xb452bc9cead0b08c4ef99da0feb8e10ef6bb86bb.Afterwards, click "Import".
Now perform the exchange. Specify the exchange amount and confirm the operation.
In the same way you can exchange USDT to EZY and then send EZY to your in-game wallet in EZZY Game to receive Sneakers.
Remember, you have to pay a fee to BNB for all transactions on the BNB Smart Chain, including exchanges on PancakeSwap. So keep some BNB on your wallet to pay the commissions.