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How to swap USDT, EZY and BNB in the EZZY Game app

Even a child can swap USDT, BNB, EZY in the EZZY Game app. Just a few clicks — and your crypto wallet will have the tokens in it.
Before you get game Sneakers in the EZZY Game app, you need first to get EZY tokens. You can deposit USDT and a certain number of BNB (to pay for transaction fees) into your in-game wallet and swap them to EZY right there. Use the EZY tokens to get Sneakers and start walking/playing and getting rewards. You can also swap EZY to USDT/BNB and send them to a wallet or an exchange.
These instructions will take you through the process of swapping assets in the EZZY Game app.
Go to your wallet. Tap the Balance in the top right corner.
You can carry out various transactions directly in the wallet — deposit, withdrawal and swap. In these instructions we will focus on exchanging USDT, EZY and BNB.
Please note that BNB Smart Chain charges a BNB commission for each transaction including swapping. You should always have a certain number of BNB in your wallet. You will also need them to get Sneakers and to withdraw USDT, BNB or EZY to your wallet. You need to have at least 0.006 BNB in your wallet. However, if don't want to worry about the fees, having 0.03 BNB is a better idea.
Tap Swap.
This will open the Swap form. First, you need to select tokens you want to swap. Tap the appropriate button.
Select a token you want to swap from the list — USDT, EZY, or BNB. In our case,we will select USDT.
Then select a crypto asset that you want to get. We will exchange USDT into EZY as an example.
After that you need to enter the swap amount in the upper field. The lower field will automatically show the amount you will get. Tap Continue.
Confirm the transaction.
Swaps are carried out via the 1inch DEX aggregator in a matter of a few seconds or minutes. It analyzes multiple liquidity pools and offers you the best exchange rate.
Please note that the swap functionality has a slip rate of 2%. Slipping is the rate of allowable price change. Since other players may run swaps at the same time as you do, the exchange rate might change. In addition, your swap also has an impact on the rate . So, if the rate changes by less than 2%, the swap will run successfully. However, you might get a slightly different amount of tokens. If the slip rate (price change rate) is above 2%, the swap will be canceled. You will still pay the commission to BNB for the transaction (since the transaction was initiated). So, if you need to swap a big amount, you'd better split it into smaller parts and run a few swaps. In this case, the swap cancel probability will be a lot lower.
In simple words: all exchanges are performed without over/under exchange rates (the maximum allowed deviation from the current market rate is 2% when exchanging USDT to EZY and 2% when exchanging EZY to USDT).
Note that when exchanging you immediately see the minimum amount that you will receive - taking into account the deviation of 2%. But in fact, you get an exchange at a better rate if the fluctuation is lower than 2% during the exchange.
Let's assume that the current exchange rate is EZY/USDT = 0.058.
  • When exchanging USDT for EZY, you will see a rate 2% higher - 0.0581.02 = 0.0591.
  • When exchanging EZY for USDT you will see an exchange rate 2% lower - 0.0580.98 = 0.0568.
However, this is just the limit of the exchange rate, below or above which it certainly will not change during the transaction. The real exchange occurs in most cases at the current rate (in the case of the example - 0.058) or with a much smaller slippage than 2%.
The process of swapping EZY to USDT / BNB or BNB to EZY works the same way — select tokens you want to swap, enter the amount and confirm the operation. It's easy, fast and convenient.
It usually takes up to three minutes to carry out a swap. If for some reason tokens are not swapped, contact the support service.
Go to the Settings and tap Feedback.
For more information on how to transfer tokens to your wallet and get Sneakers, refer to: