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How to Unlock a Reward Generated by Trial Sneakers

It is very easy to unlock your rewards generated by trial GameFi Sneakers. Just use the EZZY Game application and take the necessary steps.
So, you've downloaded the EZZY Game app, got the Trial Sneakers, trained, played and got used to it... It's now time to unlock the reward generated by the Trial Sneakers. To do this, you need to get the game Sneakers in exchange for the amount generated by the Trial Sneakers. How can you do it? Here's how.
Assume you got Common Trial Sneakers for 2,500 EZY and trained/played for 10 days (i.e., you have spent all Durability points).
As shown in the upper right corner, you have received 2,755 locked EZY. If you get Legendary or Epic Trial Sneakers, the amount will be much bigger.
  • 2,755 EZY indicated on the screen is the total amount generated by the Sneakers.
  • Your net reward is 255 EZY in this particular example.
  • The net reward of 255 EZY will be unlocked, and the remaining 2,500 locked tokens will be burned.
Why do you only get 255 EZY, not 2,755 EZY? It's because 255 EZY is your net reward generated by the Trial Sneakers. If you got the game Sneakers, you would need to use 2,500 EZY to do this. Accordingly, after 10 days you would have received 2,755 EZY (2,500 + net reward 255). But since you did not use 2,500 EZY because you got the Trial Sneakers as a gift, this amount will be burned after it is unlocked. The remaining 255 EZY will be available to you.
The net reward needs to be unlocked too. Let's see how you can do this.
Click the button in the upper right corner to get to your wallet. As you can see, here you can perform various operations (deposit, withdrawal, exchange). You need to deposit 2,500 EZY or USDT into your internal wallet for this amount. If you received other trial Sneakers, the amount will be different. You can click on the exclamation mark next to the frozen tokens and see what amount you need to deposit into your internal wallet and get game Sneakers for this amount.
As you can see, this displays the amount in EZY:
  • For which you have already received gaming Sneakers;
  • With which you have made a deposit into the internal wallet.
It also displays the remaining amount in EZY, for which you need to deposit and receive gaming Sneakers.
Now that you know the required amount of input, go back to your wallet, copy the in-game address and send the required amount to it. Be sure to send tokens to BNB Smart Chain.
Don't forget to send some BNB too to pay the transaction commissions on the BNB Smart Chain network.
If you send USDT, swap them to EZY.
Indicate the data required for the swap and confirm the transaction.
After the swap, the required amount will be sent to your wallet. Next, proceed to getting the Sneakers.
Go to the Factory and select the Sneakers you want. In the example, we get the Common Sneakers for 2,500 EZY. Click Get.
Confirm the transaction.
That's it. After that, the Trial Sneakers will disappear, the game Sneakers will appear in the Bag instead, and the reward generated by the Trial Sneakers will also be unlocked.
As you can see, 2,755 EZY have been unlocked, of which 255 EZY will be available to you. In addition, you now have another pair of Common Sneakers in your Bag — this time, they are game Sneakers, not the Trial ones. Using these Sneakers, you can get 2,755 EZY within 10 days, without any locks and burning.
  • Assume you get the Epic Trial Sneakers for 10,000 EZY;
  • Walk for 10 days in these Sneakers and get 11,050 locked EZY;
  • Then get the game Sneakers for 10,000 EZY;
  • In this case, your net reward generated by the Trial Sneakers will be 1,050 EZY.
  • In addition, you will have another pair of Epic Sneakers in your inventory, which will generate another 11,050 EZY within 10 days.
You can get 5 pairs of Trial Sneakers of each rarity type for 40,000 EZY at once and train/play in them for 10 days. In this case, 44,285 EZY will be locked. After you top up your in-game wallet with at least 40,000 EZY or the equivalent in USDT and get the game Sneakers for the entire amount, the reward of 4,285 EZY will be unlocked for you.
Bear in mind that you don't have to train or play for 10 days in a row and get the game Sneakers then. You can use the Trial Sneakers for 3, 5, 6 days and then get the game Sneakers and thus unlock the reward generated by the Trial Sneakers. Don't forget though that the net reward for the Energy used will be unlocked. If it is 6 Energy points, then the reward will be for 6 Energy points, not 10.
And another thing. You can get any game Sneakers to unlock the reward generated by the Trial Sneakers. The main condition that must be met is the amount of EZY tokens used. That is, you can get, for example, Legendary Trial Sneakers for 15,000 EZY, and then 3 pairs of Rare Sneakers for 5,000 EZY each, to unlock the reward.
Another important thing: the tokens received in EZZY Game do not affect the unlocking of the reward generated by the Trial Sneakers. Only deposits of NEW EZY or USDT TOKENS and the Sneakers you get for the NEW TOKENS are taken into account. The difference between all deposits and withdrawals is taken into account. That is, even if you withdraw the tokens received in EZZY Game, deposit them again and get new Sneakers — this will not affect the unlocking process.
Well, is everything clear now? :) We've tried to explain the entire Trial Sneakers mechanism as simply and thoroughly as we could. If you still have questions, ask them in the chat and you'll definitely get the answer – https://t.me/ezzy_game_official_en.