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NFT binding

So, if you already own NFT EzzyBrezzy, you need to bind your token to your account in the EZZY Game app to get all the benefits. This is very easy to do. Instructions.👇
Go to https://nft.ezzy.game/
Enter in the appropriate field the email address of the account to which you want to bind NFT. And click the "Submit" button.
On the next page, specify the Ethereum address where your NFT EzzyBrezzy is located. And click Submit.
Then you need to confirm that it is you who owns the address. To do that, you need to send the specified amount of ETH (the exact number without rounding) to the specified address and provide the hash of the transaction. First send ETH from your wallet. Be sure to send from the address where the NFT is located.
Then look at the hash. This can be done directly in the wallet. To do this, find the transaction in the history.
And copy the transaction ID. Or you can go to the blockchain browser (in our example in MetaMask the button just above) and see the hash there.
You can also go to the Ethereum blockchain browser at https://etherscan.io/. In the search, type your address and it will show you all your activity. Find the desired transaction, click on it and see the hash.
Go back to the page with the NFT EzzyBrezzy binding and specify the hash of the transaction there.
And the last step is to submit your in-game address in the EZZY Game app.
The address should be viewed in the application in your wallet. Copy it, paste it into the required field on the site to link your account and NFT and send it.
How do I know that your account is bound to an external address with NFT EzzyBrezzy on the balance? Simply specify the mail the account is registered to on the first step. If it was already bound before, you will be notified accordingly. If the account has not been bound yet, you will go to the second step with the address in the Ethereum network.
That's it. Be sure to keep NFT EzzyBrezzy in your wallet, which you have tied up. Availability of NFT is checked once a day and if it is not present during the check, you will automatically lose your Pioneer status, and associated access to closed collections and all other features without additional notifications. In the future, information about EzzyBrezzy NFT availability will be added to the mobile app.
Last modified 3mo ago