EZZY Game Academy

Receiving Sneakers

All EZZY Game app users can quickly get game Sneakers. You just need GEZY tokens and BNB to pay fees.
So, you've already downloaded EZZY Game, most likely, got the Trial Sneakers, walked around or played the game and decided to move forward? In this case, it's time to get the real game Sneakers at the Factory. How can you do it? We will tell you about it now.
To begin with, it's worth noting that you need to use GEZY tokens to get game Sneakers. Where can you get them? You have two options:
● Get them in exchange for USDT on PancakeSwap;
● Or make a swap directly in the EZZY Game app.
Let's look at the second option as it is easier for newbies.
First, go to your wallet.
Your game address is displayed in the wallet. Click the button shown in the screenshot above to copy the address.
Use this address to send USDT to be swapped to GEZY and some BNB tokens to pay commissions for transactions on the BNB Smart Chain network. Please note that USDT and BNB need to be sent on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) network.
Where can you get USDT and BNB? You can buy them on a crypto exchange, for example Binance, or in a fast buy/sell service. The easiest and safest option is to buy USDT and BNB on Binance and send them directly to your internal wallet in EZZY Game.
Here is the correct network to run withdrawals from Binance.
So, have you deposited USDT and BNB tokens to your in-game wallet? After this, swap them to GEZY. Click Exchange in the wallet.
Swap USDT to GEZY.
After swapping, GEZY tokens will be displayed in your wallet. Now, go to the Factory.
At the Factory, select the Sneakers you want and click Get.
Confirm the transaction. Please note that a commission in BNB is charged for getting the Sneakers. So always keep some coins in your wallet. You will also need them to pay for swapping and withdrawing the tokens.
It's done! The Sneakers will immediately appear in your bag. You can select them and start training or playing the game to receive rewards in GEZY tokens.