EZZY Game Academy


In M2E EZZY Game appp, you only need to train 10 minutes a day in one pair of Sneakers. Daily trainings bring users valuable GEZY tokens.
If you have already registered with EZZY Game and got Trial Sneakers or actual game Sneakers, нou can go ahead and start training to get rewards. These instructions will guide you through the process of training.
To do this, select the Sneakers on the home page in the Training section and tap Training.
The training will start.
1) Start moving in the street at a speed of 2-20 km/hour — this is the speed of usual walking or jogging.
2) The app will track your activity and, based on the data received, reward you with GEZY tokens.
Make sure that the GPS signal is stable. It is displayed in the upper right corner: GPS should be in a green frame. When you tap on the GPS button, detailed information will open. If the signal is good, tokens will be accrued correctly. If the signal is unstable, tokens may not be accrued. However, if this happens, your Energy will not be subtracted. In other words, you will lose your time and won't get a reward. To receive your reward in full, you need to spend all Energy you have.
Thus, with an unstable GPS signal, the reward may not be awarded. Don't worry about it. Just find a location where the signal is good — and you will receive your reward in full. We do not recommend walking/running near buildings or under the trees, as this may interfere with the GPS signal stability. It is best to go out into the open. If this does not help, stop the training and move to another location.
Moreover, the reward may not be credited if you go out of the speed range, that is, if you move slower than 2 km/h or faster than 20 km/h. It works the same as with a GPS signal, if you go beyond the speed limit, the reward is not awarded and Energy is not subtracted either. When you start moving at a speed of 2 to 20 km/hour again, you will get your reward in full.
Move until you run out of Energy:
  • One pair of Sneakers gives you one Energy unit — it is enough for exactly 10 minutes of training.
  • If you have 5 pairs of Sneakers, it means you also have 5 Energy units and 50 minutes of training.
In the upper right corner you can see the available and consumed amounts of Energy.
The training screen also has the Maps icon. It is located on the home page of the training in the lower left corner — to the left of the start/stop training button. Tapping this button opens the full-screen map. Here you can see the training route along which you walked or ran. You can track your movement on the map in real time.
You can stop the training at any time if you decide to finish before you work off all the Energy. Then you can continue the training to receive the remaining reward.
If you decide to take a short break, for example, to have a cup of coffee in the café, you don't need to stop the training. Energy will not be subtracted — and you won't receive tokens either. To have your Energy written off and tokens awarded, you need to complete the minimum training load. So, you don't need to stop the training while waiting at traffic lights, shopping or chatting with friends.
Just start the training before leaving the house, put your phone in your pocket and don't think about the app during the day. It will track your activity and will reward you for each step you take :).
After the training ends, you can review your results — how many steps you've made, how long you've trained, what distance you've traveled and, of course, how many tokens you've received.
You can share your results on social media. To do this, tap the Share button on the results page and select a social network. That's it, the training is over! :)
Repeat it every day to get the maximum reward until the Durability of your Sneakers runs out. You can always get new Sneakers at the Factory in your app for new training and new rewards in GEZY tokens.
We remind you that immediately after registering with EZZY, each user can get Trial Sneakers which can help you test the app functionality without the need to get game Sneakers. They bring exactly the same reward as game Sneakers. However, the reward from Trial Sneakers is locked. The reward will become available after you get real game Sneakers for the same amount as the Trial Sneakers.