EZZY Game Academy

Trial Sneakers

Trial Sneakers of the Play-To-Earn EZZY Game app allow all new users to receive GEZY tokens. A few simple button presses and you can start playing or training.
Immediately after registration, you can get Trial Sneakers of any rarity type and use them to test the EZZY Game app. Trial Sneakers are designed to help new users to try out the app and figure out how it works.
The key feature of Trial Sneakers is that you don't need to deposit GEZY to your in-game balance to get them. Most importantly, the net reward from Trial Sneakers is calculated the same way as for game Sneakers. That is, you can get, for example, Legendary and Epic Sneakers which will bring you a high reward for training or playing the game. You can take one pair of Trial Sneakers of any rarity type. That is, one account can get a maximum of 7 pairs of Trail Sneakers.
There’s a BUT though: the net reward generated by Trial Sneakers will be locked. It will become available only after you get real game Sneakers for the same amount as the Trial Sneakers. What does that mean? For instance:
  • You take Trial Sneakers for 25,000 GEZY.
  • In this case, to unlock the reward, you will need to deposit 25,000 GEZY (or USDT in the amount equal to 25,000 GEZY) and get game (non-trial) Sneakers for these tokens.
Don't worry if it's still unclear. We will describe and explain how it works in detail.
First, we'll tell you how to get Trial Sneakers. At the end of these instructions, we will find a link to the tutorial on how to unlock the reward from Trial Sneakers. Read the instructions carefully — they will guide you step-by-step through all the process.
Go to the page with Trial Sneakers. To do this, select Trial in the Factory section.
Select Trial Sneakers you want to get. Tap Confirm.
As you can see, now this type of Trial Sneakers is not available to you any more, but you still can get Sneakers of another type.
You can find your Trial Sneakers in the Bag.
Done! You've joined the EZZY Game community which is rapidly growing now:). Now you can train or play the game and receive a reward in GEZY tokens. Refer to the link below to find out how to start the training and game.
As mentioned above, the reward will be locked, so let's find out how to get it unlocked.