EZZY Game Academy

Video tutorial

Video tutorial of the M2E / P2E EZZY Game app was designed to help all beginners to get into the cryptocurrencies world. Check it out and start getting tokens.
Where to start? How to register? How to withdraw tokens? Watch the video to get the answers to all the questions. We've recorded the ENTIRE process:
1. Registration
2. How to get Trial Sneakers
3. How to complete training
4. How to play the game
5. How to deposit BNB to the in-game wallet
6. How to deposit USDT to the in-game wallet
7. How to swap USDT to GEZY
8. How to get locked tokens unlocked
9. How to get real game Sneakers
10. How to spend 1 Energy unit
11. How to exchange GEZY to USDT
12. How to withdraw USDT to your personal wallet
The video is about 5 minutes long! It's because EZZY Game is the simplest M2E and P2E game ever. You can get started right now!