EZZY Game Academy

Withdraw in app

The simple token withdrawal makes M2E EZZY Game popular among users. The transfer of cryptocurrency to the wallet is as easy and convenient as ever.
After you have walked / played and received rewards in GEZY tokens, you can withdraw them to your personal wallet. You can first swap GEZY for USDT / BNB directly in the app, and then withdraw them either to your wallet or an exchange — as you wish.
For more information on how to swap in the EZZY Game app, refer to:
In these instructions we will tell you how to withdraw GEZY, USDT or BNB.
To withdraw tokens, go to your wallet — tap the balance in the top right corner.
You can carry out various transactions directly in the wallet — deposit, withdrawal and swap. In these instructions we will focus on withdrawal of USDT, GEZY or BNB. Tap Withdraw.
Enter the withdrawal address (the address you want to withdraw to). You can enter the address of your personal wallet on the BNB Smart Chain network (IMPORTANT: you can withdraw only BEP-20 tokens), for example, Trust Wallet or Metamask, or Binance. You can also withdraw GEZY, USDT or BNB to your friend's address. It is up to you.
Select coins / tokens you wish to withdraw and enter the amount. Keep in mind that the withdrawal is carried out through the BNB Smart Chain network, so make sure to check that the address you are withdrawing USDT or BNB to is on the BNB Smart Chain. The same applies to your or your friend's wallet.
Tap Confirm.
Withdrawal usually takes up to three minutes. If for some reason BNB, USDT or GEZY are not transferred to your wallet or exchange, contact the support service.
Go to the Settings and tap Support.
For more information on how to top up your in-game wallet, refer to: