EZZY Game Academy

Wrong network transfer

Play-To-Earn EZZY Game app is based on BNB Smart Chain. But if a user mistakenly uses a different network, the tokens can always be returned.
The EZZY Game app, wallet and in-game token GEZY are powered by the BNB Smart Chain blockchain. This is the network you need to use when you want to transfer USDT, BNB or GEZY to your in-game wallet and withdraw tokens.
Like some other blockchains (Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, etc), BNB Smart Chain is an EVM-compatible blockchain. EMV-compatible networks share the same public address — that is, your address in the EZZY Game in-game wallet is also compatible with transfers on the Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism and others networks. And if USDT is transferred wrongly, not through BNB Smart Chain, but another EVM-compatible blockchain, the money will not appear in the wallet, since the wallet supports only BNB Smart Chain.
What should I do if I mistakenly sent USDT to the wrong network, not BNB Smart Chain?
Don't worry, your tokens aren't missing — they just aren't displayed. You need to send a request for recovery of your tokens. To do this, deposit coins that are used for paying fees on the network where you transferred your tokens to your in-game wallet (e.g. ETH if you send tokens to Ethereum network) and request a return of tokens. Here are step-by-step instructions.
First, you have to top up your in-game wallet with coins which will be used for paying transaction fee on the network selected. Make sure that the number of coins is sufficient to pay the transaction fee.
Let's start by determining the coins you need to deposit. So, what coins will you need for paying fees if you send USDT to:
  • Ethereum — you need to send native ETH coins on the Ethereum network.
  • Avalanche — you need AVAX to pay the commission on the Avalanche network.
  • Polygon — MATIC on the Polygon network.
  • Arbitrum — ETH (on this network, commission is not paid in ARB coins, but Ethereum, so you should transfer ETH on the Arbitrum network.).
  • Optimism — ETH (on this network, commission is not paid in OP coins, but Ethereum, so you should transfer ETH on the Optimism network).
  • Fantom — FTM on the Fantom network.
You can use blockchain browsers to instantly find out what the fee amount is. We will take Ethereum as an example. This network accepts ETH for paying transaction fees. Navigate to the Etherscan website https://etherscan.io/gastracker .
There is a special section where you'll find the commission amounts for different transactions. The cost of a transaction in USDT is automatically converted to USD. At the moment of writing this tutorial, the cost is about $6.5. By dividing this number by the cost of ETH (now it is $1,830) you will get the amount in ETH that you need to pay for the commission (in our case it is 0.00355 ETH). Send a higher amount than that to your in-game wallet to ensure that you've got enough money to pay for the transaction and it's not going to get stuck on the Blockchain.
Ethereum is the only network that has a high commission for USDT transfers. Other EVM-compatible networks charge much smaller fees. This is where you can observe the commission amount from other networks:
  • Avalanche — https://avascan.info/. The commission is usually only a few cents, so it's enough to send ≈0.01 AVAX.
  • Polygon — https://polygonscan.com/. This network also has a very small commission — only a couple of cents. 0.1 MATIC is sufficient for the transaction.
  • Arbitrum — https://www.oklink.com/ru/arbitrum. On this network, the commission is higher than on Avalanche or Polygon. You'd better send at least 0.001 ETH on the Arbitrum network, or more.
  • Optimism — https://www.oklink.com/ru/optimism. This network has a very small commission. You only need to send 0.0001 ETH or lower.
  • Fantom — https://ftmscan.com/. On this network, the fees are minimal, sending 0.05 FTM is enough to return USDT.
Ethereum — https://etherscan.io/gastracker. This network has high commissions, often immense, and in order to return USDT, you might need up to 0.01 ETH.
So, you know how many coins you have to send for the transaction to get your tokens back. Now go to your in-game wallet, copy the address, and transfer the amount you need.
Then send us a message requesting your USDT to be returned. Go to the Settings and tap Support.
Your request should include the following information:
  • Your email;
  • Message about transferring USDT to the wrong network;
  • USDT transaction hash;
  • Address to which USDT should be sent back.
Here's an example of a message you can use:
"Hello! I made a mistake and sent USDT to my in-game wallet — 0x050d4cd9379992A6fdA1C19379992c586597C8a0462F1 — instead of BNB Smart Chain on the Avalanche network. My account — [email protected]
Here's the USDT transfer transaction hash on the Avalanche network — https://avascan.info/blockchain/c/tx/0xd60be2ed8a40cf1efdc6ac19301b6af18652cdbbc54b53919dee3bb2c1b47980
I transferred AVAX to pay for gas. Here's the AVAX transfer transaction hash — https://avascan.info/blockchain/c/address/0xbEC44054779Da99dd39be8736c5d329916FA5A51
Please, send USDT to my address on the Avalanche network — 0x050d4cd9379992A6fdA1C19379992c586597C8a0462F1
Thank you!»
If you do it right, we'll deliver the full amount of USDT to the given address. To avoid such problems, transfer your assets only on the BNB Smart Chain network :) Please be aware that this request might take up to a week to be processed.
One more thing to keep in mind! If you transfer USDT to non-EVM blockchains, e.g. Solana, Bitcoin etc., we won't be able to return your tokens as we don't have access to them. In this case you will lose your assets forever so please be very careful and double check the address before you send a transaction.